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The international entries for the 11th edition in November 2018 appear to be influenced by the uncertainties of Brexit. As the result, and with much regret, the organisers of the Young Pianist of the North competition have decided to postpone the next edition of the competition until November 2019.


At YPN, we have always believed that for young musicians the overall experience at such an event is much more important than just winning prizes. Knowing well the tremendous level of commitment required on such occasions from pianists, teachers and families, we are not prepared to take the smallest risk that your experience falls below what is expected at YPN. Therefore we have taken the decision not to hold the competition in 2018.

We continue to accept and consider applications until and including the deadline of 1 October 2018, approving participation for YPN 2019. Approved contestants do not have any commitments or obligations at this stage. If you decide, in 2019, to take part in the next edition of the competition, you will be able to bypass the selection process. If the fees increase, your fees will remain at this year's level.

We will respond in the usual way to all incoming applications. Please contact us for further details or if you have any questions.

We regret the inconvenience or disappointment that may have been caused by the unprecedented step of postponing the competition, but the circumstances are beyond our control.

The time until November 2019 may become an opportunity for growth, development and improvement before we meet at YPN 2019.


Information about YPN 2016 winners is published here, soon to be replaced with the information about the winners of YPN 2017.

Information about the previous winners is published here.



It was planned that in 2018 for the first time our main prize winner would have the opportunity to perform a solo recital in what perhaps is the most musical city in the world, Vienna. A solo performance in Vienna was the result of our partnership agreement with the International Rosario Marciano Piano Competition (Austria), directed by Professor Stephan Möller.



LAUREN ZHANG (USA/UK), our Kawai Encouragement Prize winner in 2015, won a national competition and became the BBC Young Musician 2018! The competition takes place every two years and the winner is chosen from five different instrumental sections.

PERREN-LUC THIESSEN (USA), our 1st prize winner in category B in 2017, received a diploma in the Grand Piano Competition in Moscow in 2018! He was thrilled to be among 15 invited contestants selected from 98 entries, and the only American invited.



Certificate of Professional Development is available to teachers attending the competition as members of the audience or accompanying their students, participants of the competition. For further information about the conditions and how to register please contact the organisers via email: info@ypn-competition.org.



Watch the film, produced by the students of the University of Newcastle in 2013.



Many contestants, their parents, teachers and the members of the public write to us, sharing their experiences and observations and sending their well wishes. Some accounts are of a great length and very valuable on our quest to continuously improve YPN in order to meet the needs of young musicians in the best possible way.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone for taking time to write and for all the warm words!

This whole trip and success in Newcastle will rest in my pupil’s memories and heart for the whole life. For me this was also wonderful and useful experience. Everything went so smoothly, naturally and very professionally. For the quality and value of a competition it is very important who are the people in the jury, and you had wonderful musicians and great people. The possibility to meet and discuss the performance with them was a precious experience and a real gift. Thank you so much, my pupil was really very happy. He does not smile a lot, but on this evening his whole face was one big smile! The level is very professional and high, so I really enjoyed these days and learned a lot, and will warmly recommend YPN to my colleagues.

We enjoyed YPN very much and had a lovely experience. YPN was very professionally organized, which not always is the case with competitions. We also loved the master-classes, feedback-sessions and workshops, since we had never experienced this kind of approach before. The children learned a lot from the Jury and got to know many children from all over the world. We also visited nearby sights and places. The children loved to see where parts of the Harry Potter movies were shot. All in all we can´t wait to come back to participate again!

We are all still so entirely happy about the wonderful experience we have had, and we would like to thank you very much for all your effort and enthusiasm. My son has deeply appreciated your advice on how to improve his playing and already has changed a few things. We certainly would like to attend the competition again in the not too distant future!

Having returned for the second time, we have had another wonderful and memorable experience at the competition and enjoyed the special mood and atmosphere. This year the jurors consultation was done by category which was better as more participants get a chance to attend. The masterclasses were also very helpful as they were focussed on the participants' areas for improvement. Our son has learnt greatly and enjoyed the competition. Many thanks for all the efforts!

It is a luxury to have a chance to try out the piano, and even more luxurious to have a good warm-up. Here, one enjoyed both of these luxuries!
My daughter has participated in many piano competitions at home and abroad, and getting feedback from the jury was a great bonus in Newcastle. This is really more a piano festival than mere a competition. Masterclasses were very informative and one could once again appreciate the vast knowledge of the professors. My daughter and I had a great experience at YPN and we will certainly recommend it to others!

I can only express the greatest gratitude and appreciation for all organization, high professional level, punctuality and lovely welcoming attitude not only from the jury but also from all the staff involved. The competition venue was charming, right in the city centre, and the concert hall was impressive both architecturally and musically. I can only sincerely recommend to all talented young pianist to take part in 2017 YPN competition and onwards, it surely will contribute to their further musical development.

Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful competition - the atmosphere was great and the team were absolutely lovely and very welcoming. I really enjoyed my time in Newcastle and I definitely learnt a lot from my experience in the competition, the jury's valuable comments and all the masterclasses. We thought that the whole event was really well run and I would undoubtedly recommend this competition to my other fellow young pianists.
Thank you again!